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Hello Iam tryign to free the Snowbound village from the snowfouxes, but the problem is that when I attack a mob and try to kill it, outside another one already spawns by the second turn.So it's impossible to clear 2 maps.Even if I kill with 1 hit 8 monsters in first turn and then proceed to next map, a new mob will spawn in the first map.Am I missing something ?
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Hello, I ve beed doing a lot of treasure hutns latlylike 20 per day, and I always end up having to open 4 superior chests and ever ychest only awards me with 80-100 roses , 1-2 ivory parchements or 1-2 white parchements.So after like 3 days and like 60 hunts I only managed to collect around 9.000 roses.Is that normal?Do i need to have more prospecting whe nI ope nthe chests?Some people say they even got 2.500 roses per hunt.. the most I got ever was around 550.
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I am having extra hard time to solve the puzzle I always fail in the first stage no matter what.Is there a way to know if my flags are correct?