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Member since 2014-10-02


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Status: Subscribed
Last login: 2019-07-17


Icybunny Osamodas Lvl 148 Nox
Paladinlizy Feca Lvl 139 Nox
Yasra Sadida Lvl 138 Nox
Liz Nova Sram Lvl 106 Nox
Oranniaa Masqueraider Lvl 102 Nox
Luckylizy Enutrof Lvl 100 Nox
Icyshadowhawk Rogue Lvl 98 Nox
Icybloodline Sacrier Lvl 96 Nox
Craliz Cra Lvl 96 Nox
Icyliz Huppermage Lvl 92 Nox
Ragingliz Ouginak Lvl 46 Nox
Pandaliz Pandawa Lvl 43 Nox
Foggernautliz Foggernaut Lvl 41 Nox
Hiddenliz Ecaflip Lvl 41 Nox
Priestlizy Eniripsa Lvl 37 Nox

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By Icybloodline - 2019-07-03 20:53:28 in Trade
0 86
WTB  Eternal Sword
WTB 350mil Kamas and x500 of all boss mats

IGN: Icybunny

Discord: Icybloodline#2806
0 225
Trading ogrine shop items for kamas.

IGN: Icybunny
Discord: Icybloodline#2806
By Icybloodline - 2015-08-22 13:38:33 in Trade
1 448
Buying Vampire costume

IGN: Icybunny or Luckylizy pm

or almanax box msg me