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Yes, that's how I feel about recent changes...
They didn't mind or care about multiclient in past 3-4 years, and now (when it's almost impossible to fix it) they're trying to fix it.

But I think "item linking" to the account isn't the right solution.
Again, if you force players to get most of the valuable items by themselves and won't let them trade, you kill mass of fun...
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I would like to know if it is or will be ever possible to transfer account from Wapac to Europe, since I started playing there because it was the first place to go F2P and had a fresh new server.
But now with the Free to Play system back at Europe and upcoming Steam integration I feel like Wapac will get lonely soon.

Though I invested months of effort there and it saddens me to let it ALL go...
(I'm speaking of Seal of Companionship, 3x lv.100 crafted legendaries, rare lv.50 pets, rare gears,...