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Feca Lvl Omega 83 Talkasha
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I don't have a phone but my account is super old, I'm somehow not "verified" because i don't have a mobile phone number honestly kinda sad i really just wanted to play retro mono when it comes out but i'm sure it'll be the same system unless there's something i am missing?

Just never needed a phone so rip me
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So i was just killing dreggons and got abit laggy so i decided to relog via character change as i do and my screen went black and froze, Then when i closed the game and tried to relog all i get is " server not found impossible to log in " the server isn't down or in backup so i don't understand whats happening so hopefully someone can help me out.

i repaired the client and cleared my cache and that seemed to work, i guess i was in a weird loading limbo state that wouldn't let me back into the server...
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So this is happening on retro and id like to first say that my download/upload are both over 100mb, Yesterday about 6pm est i noticed my ping was spiking for no reason going to 900 back down to 50 i thought this might be a problem with the server so i logged off for the night and now tomorrow i can log in but when i select a server it just lags insanely bad and boots me back to the log in does anyone know whats going on?  

Edit: Seems its the servers as many others are having the same problem...