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By Ichhigooo - 2016-06-16 04:31:07 in General Discussion
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I tried using the search function in the forum but I couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. Does anyone know how to acquire a Gobtubby now? I just started a character on the Epic Server and none were for sale in the markets. I would have even bought an over-priced one!
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Greetings everyone! I just wanted to throw it out there somewhere that I will be venturing into the world of Dofus streaming. I plan to stream my nerve-racking adventures in the Epic server and occasionally some footage of me getting jumped in the Heroic server like the scrub I am.
Here's a link to the stream Click here (I hope I did that correct)
I will also be blogging about it. I'm currently trying my hand at both fiction and non-fiction writing so if you end up being a follower of my stream...
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Hey all, so I figured I'd throw this out there for anyone in NA that tries this method. I bought paysafecards yesterday assuming they would work to sub because it was the only option I had left, in terms of not being suspended indefinitely, and Ankama does not take paysafecards purchased in the US so be aware.