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By IceN - 2019-07-12 23:20:24 in Suggestion Box
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Would it be possible to have a mechanism where the player, on a per character basis, decides what their instance of a class will be more skewed to & have it changeable periodically (a week, a month, a year ???) ?

Using the example below, someone who picks damage would be locked into that skew for a set period of time.

For example, under the "Characteristics" screen have buttons for:Damage Buffer Debuffer Positioner etc
When one of the buttons is pressed a "Psudo Profile" will be applied to...
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So far I have seen that we get multiple runes for the professions that are being combined just as the log states.
I feel like someone who spent the time and kamas to level multiple professions only to end up with 2+ runes of the
same type when 1 does all they need (get the 2.29 profession to level 200) is getting swindled in a way.

Yes, the new profession system makes leveling professions faster. Potentially 200 crafts & you are at level 200 on
a professions but I personally feel that there...
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Problem: In-game Ogrine screen/interface is white/blank
Solution: (Worked for me):
1) Control Panel
2) Network and Internet
3) Internet Options
On the privacy tab lower the privacy level so that is is below high.

Good Luck