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By IamReal - 2012-11-24 20:48:24 in Suggestions
9 2027
- stat point / all point reset
- character appearance reset
- color change (like in dofus)

add these for sale on the ogrines page to help with the lack of quests and items to reset things from the past.

implement the first one and you'll make alot of profit ankama.
By IamReal - 2012-11-23 10:31:43 in Suggestions
1 907
Just like most mmo's have a map chat or a 'world chat' so too should ankama make a map chat for wakfu. I've noticed that these chats tend to increase player versus player communication and make it easier to find friends/dungeon parties and things like that.

the trade channel and recruitment channel are bound to one nation or map and arn't exactly created for the purpose of anything but recruiting and trading.

having players establish a bond with each other through this map channel or world channel...