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Sram Lvl 152 Ilyzaelle
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Seriously i have not been able to equip mistake or repelling trap anymore since the new buffs, I used to have Jinx and Toxic injection in my spellbar, but after the level to get them was increased, Mistake and Repelling went away from my spell toolbar too, and now I can't even highlight them in the spell menu or drag them into my spell toolbar (probably because I dont have toxic injection or jinx unlocked yet). I guess I'll have to play Sram without repelling trap or mistake.. hopefully it will get...
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For example, i cant put repelling trap or mistake in the toolbar, i have them selected on the spell menu but, repelling trap is just gone from my spell bar now and i cant put it back.. and mistake wont get selected in the spell menu and i cant put it in my spell bar. I'm level 150 so I dont even have the variants for mistake or repelling. I used to have toxic injection and jinx in my spell bar before the patch, maybe its something with that?
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Not sure how well KTA was advertised but I think there should be some kind of popup or notification in client during registration period. I had no idea registration was open, would have been cool to participate. Maybe something in game like Alliance announcements in chat or  actually just have a separate tab next to almanax dedicated to stuff like KTA or announcements in general?