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Sram Lvl 118 Ilyzaelle
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TOO many times i've been oneshot for my entire hp by Xelor popping Synchro.. they have too many ways to do it even if u try to avoid it.. and now i just saw another video where Xelor did 4k damage from across the map using Dark Ray: . It's NOT FAIR that a class that has such good utility and ap drain and ap buff and all that can burst harder than the hardest burst classes in the game! Makes me feel so sad why am I even playing Sram.. And why...
3 337
I just bought a bwak and baby crowzilla. I tried to feed it everything possible, and nothing happens.. drag any kind of resource onto him, nothing. Open up feed panel to feed him, drag resources on to the interface, it says +13xp, +8 levels, + 4% power..  but when u click confirm.. nothing.. the resource doesnt even get consumed.. i tried feeding it while equipped and unequipped.

I was so excited cuz i have 300 sesame seeds but now that wont even help me much and i cant even feed this thing at...