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Member since 2014-09-27


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-07-22


Kazenotenma Sacrier Lvl 200 Phaeris
Ikrafbear Osamodas Lvl 53 Phaeris
Dracatos Enutrof Lvl 35 Phaeris
Weeaza Enutrof Lvl 8 Phaeris
Sekainoowari Ecaflip Lvl 4 Remington

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Id like to hear from you guys, especially veteran Sacs, as well as of the other classes. What is the mechanic in which you associate Sacrier with ?

      Since the age of Dofus, the Sacrier has debuted as a map manipulator, replacement tank and bruiser focusing on its high hp and the ability to soak damage. 

But as more and more patches or reworks that has been done to it , it feels like a lost identity, I play the Sacrier the way I played it in Dofus. Not a Berzerk clinging damage dealer,...