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Why can't I post to other sections of the forum like encyclopedia and... others?

It returned and error when I tried to reply to a post in one of these sections, something about my account not having access.
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I'm trying to get my prespic set and the website encyclopedia says pieces drop from prespics, but the in game beastiary doesn't show that.

What gives?
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I've found that downloading the 2gb of maps makes a negligible difference in the load time of each map. It took 3 seconds before and 2 seconds after.

The download stops if you put the app in the background or turn off the screen. 

Also the maps are downloaded to cache... cache that can be inadvertently deleted by other android funtions... easily.

So now I don't have my downloaded maps anymore, but it's no big deal because having them didn't seem to mean much.

So for any devs reading, what I'd...