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NOX-Tallum Eliotrope Lvl 148 Rubilax
Iza-Jin-Jouni Sadida Lvl 143 Rubilax
Albinosa Osamodas Lvl 139 Rubilax
Kamyeon Masqueraider Lvl 113 Rubilax
Xhilix Foggernaut Lvl 112 Rubilax
REM-Budou Eliotrope Lvl 16 Rubilax
Han-Sikk Pandawa Lvl 6 Rubilax

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By [Sabi] - 2015-01-12 15:30:00 in News
28 5822
Well, based on some of the other comments, i'll hold off until things get sorted out, wouldn't want to waste my time going on Google Play to also see an error/restriction.

All that's left now Ankama, Android and iOS port of Wakfu. I grow tired or sitting here infront of a computer screen. Make it happen please.
By Brokonaut - 2014-10-31 17:58:40 in Pandawa
627 38074
I'm not even gonna....

...well..maybe just a little—

I couldn't care less how this or that works. There'll always be issues there. Just continue to make the spell animations look appealing. No recycled animations from other classes. Glad to see the kick has been brought back in. 1 step closer to making the thing a martial art based class, keep it up!

..don't really wish to get caught up in this fire storm of concept ideas. Ruin my main fave class, and one less Wakfu player~! (Even though I'm...
18 2044
Well since we're askin', I wanna name my dolls! I'd name one Butch.

Yes, the Ultrapowerful.