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Hi, I and my friends have high level sidekick that we use regularly before the Hero patch come. We were just return a few days ago. We are really confused on how do we invite sidekick to the party. Then we see those slots asking us to pay more.....

We really need the confirmation now that.... Do we really have to pay more for the slot even though we already paid for sidekick?
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Tier 1
Building Name : Guild HallRequirments : -Kamas : 100,000 kamasResource
Without Rotwork : 400,000 resourcesAt level 1 Rotwork :At level 2 Rotwork : 380,000 resourcesTime : 5 hEffect : Unlock Buildings----------------------------
Building Name : Guild Hall level 2 UpgradeRequirments : Guild Hall level 1Kamas : 2,000,000 kamasResource Without Rotwork : 8,350,000 resourcesAt level 1 Rotwork : []At level 2 Rotwork : []Time : 5 daysEffect : Unlock Buildings----------------------------

By Hydin106 - 2015-01-07 22:49:22 in Suggestions
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Idea to bring back the make use of Nation's funds
Let head guard have power of similar thing as Challenger... activate quest/challenge.

New Head Guard's Quest :
- Killing outlaw in nation will give 100kama-200kama if activate the quest.
- Killing specific outlaw for 1/5/10 times will give 10k-20k kamas if activate quest.
- Killing specific person for 1/5/10 times will give 10k-20k kamas if activate quest. cost -500 CP each time Challenger/Gov/Vice Gov activate this too.
- Double resource...