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Princess Sophia Sadida Lvl 117 Rubilax
Parhus Masqueraider Lvl 97 Rubilax
Ajure Cra Lvl 88 Rubilax
Princess Healer Eniripsa Lvl 82 Rubilax
Petit Dejeuner Sacrier Lvl 72 Rubilax
Purmia Osamodas Lvl 59 Rubilax
Admalia Rogue Lvl 56 Rubilax
Gaufres Eliotrope Lvl 39 Rubilax
Guole Sram Lvl 31 Rubilax
Vuele Feca Lvl 27 Rubilax
Cookie Fivefourtwo Ecaflip Lvl 25 Rubilax
Mielor Pandawa Lvl 21 Rubilax
Good Boy Cookie Ouginak Lvl 21 Rubilax
Kulora Enutrof Lvl 18 Rubilax
Feujuer Xelor Lvl 15 Rubilax

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This is the best dank meme I have ever seen from you Wakfu.
By [Picaro] - 2015-01-09 17:00:00 in News
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I want to be a Youtube star! Wakfu is on of my more popular videos on my account, since Wakfu isn't popular with a lot of Youtubers Wakfu videos will most likely become more popular. is my youtube I hope I can get noticed by Ankama Senpai!
By [Sabi] - 2014-10-03 16:00:00 in Changelogs
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Treacherose: His withdrawals of MP will be corrected and will correctly apply the loss on the target.

I approve of this. If Treachrose looks like a female but is really a male I support transgenders and cross dressing. #ankamasupportsyou