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The-Naturalist Sadida Lvl 200 Nox
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So some of you or many of you have been a victim to wingless PK. Some choose to abuse it, some wish for PvP gone entirely. But that makes things boring. What if there was a way to punish those who kill wingless but at the same time not punished for it entirely? Well I have suggested this a long time ago and I think it is time to resuggest it since quite some time and changes have happened since. I suggest the Disgrace system, which will be the bane of their existence! Dofus has it (or rather to my...
By HunterRabbitt - 2017-03-13 06:42:48 in Trade
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Let's negotiate prices, PM me in-game or leave a message. The-Naturalist

Let's be honest here guys, by not selling me that wind shield you're losing out on a lot of moneys.
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I figured I'll ask since some people may also ask, but when are these scheduled, ankama? Also I noticed that we have some new achievements in the Events category (and one we will not be able to complete until halloween...) and there's a costume in Saint Potrick. There is an achievement typo "Hreat Gourmet"