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By HumaDragonbane - 2017-07-02 19:28:45 in Rogue
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Hello guys!
Class: Rogue
Build: Can take some advice for elements too.From my experience and forums I thought going agi/int but you guys know it better probly so I ll explain what I am looking for. I am aiming to do pvp (kolo both 1v1 and 3v3) but also want to be able to do basic PVM to leech my alts or level with friends with 508. If it is possible I would like to have a set that can have a spot on an endgame dungeon groups.
Kamas/time available: Got all dofus except Vulbis. got 100-150 mk to spend...
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Hello guys I ll keep it short. I love glass cannon builds and high numbers with aoe. At the momment I am playin agi iop but I started to wonder if it worths playing it since int cras can do nearly the same damage from a range. As I like going glass cannon it feels at higher levels my iop will getting one shoted by mobs within range of 1-5 while doing close damage to int cra. What you guys thinking ? I might be wrong please enlighten me or tell me what agi iops can bring more than int cra?
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hey guys I am coming game after many years. I m considering to roll whether int feca or str iop. Normally I like to play high damage glass cannons in other games but here the mechanics are different so I m looking for an effective damage dealer that can dash out big numbers as well as with fun mechanics. I played cra before they felt to me boring. The things you should know are that I got descent amount of kamas enough to scroll wisdom str and vit as well as to buy good gear while leveling. And I...