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By Huezildo - 2019-02-21 00:30:17 in General Discussion
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I come here hoping that any of you could help me. Usually when I play my game stops to work for a couple seconds many times and it simply freezes, my machine has 2.5 Ghz processor and 6 gb RAM, with an AMD graphics R5. I can play another games smoothly like Elder scrolls online, wakfu or  ragnarok online, Even though in wakfu I have some problems with freezing and out of the sudden the game consuming all my Ram, this problem seems to be far worse in dofus, and this is the only reason I play...
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Well, I am trying to come back to dofus and leave wakfu for good, and just because wakfu has e-sports. The problem is the ladder to lvl 200 is huge and I would like to taste pvp once in a while at least, but gearing up is too hard and I would like to you guys to give me some tips about how is the best way to gear up for pvp while leveling a brand new char with no lvl 200 in my acc and no kamas from the start.

Thank you xD
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Hi, I am coming back and I don't know which server I should play, I started a character in shadow, but I don't know if the server is good for end game pvp, due crafting and gathering materials for it. So, which server should I pick? which one is better for crafting my pvp gear?