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By vadimhamahim - 2017-03-08 12:28:13 in Sram
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well my favorite is mask/sram but its just personally preference. Can support it while giving it more dmg also. But this is just my preference cus i really like mask. I heard eni good also since the heals dont break invisible
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If your planning to go 2 element then 100 in each is ok. I would not recommend going 2 elements before 130 at least i feel like the dmg lost isnt really worth it. If your going on 1 element mask alot of people do 200 in stats and pump vit to have better shields. It really depends if you wanna be more tankie or dish out more dmg.
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well range should not mater one big as a elio player since u are using portals to boost your range. I think cha might be easier to hit ur aoe spell since pandatak or watever its called needs a straight line, which means you would need to spend more time with elio to set ur portals well. In the end i think they will both work but its up to your preference i guess