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The game is in dire need of neutral minions that remove the enemy minions' movement.

Quite simple really, we already have Grambo Chief and Glai which are both very cheap ways of reaching your opponent's Dofus, and are staple cards in aggro decks, for good reason, they're too effective as there is often no counter for them. And those two are the most common ones, as now more and more people are using Goultard***.

To give an example, every time I'm against a Sacrier player, and they have a minion...
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Trying to rank up the ladders, and it's been the third time I've been thrown against rank 30+ xelors with exactly the same deck... So, here is the deal.

Have money to buy card packs? Tired of trying and just want to click everything and win? I'll tell you how, as my objective here is to make as many people as possible to use this deck as to deny every other metagame possible until this broken thing gets fixed.

Step One  - God: Play Xelor, not for his minions, but for his broken damage spells,...
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I tought the game would be much more healthier when the nerf came down and Grampo Chief's cost went up from 4 AP to 5 AP, but I was wrong. It's not from the cost that it is overpowered, it's his ability, it could cost 8 AP, that would only delay when the insta-dofus-running-guys come. I had written a very very long text explaining why it is too strong (and Blue Larva btw), but when I tried to post it I lost everything, so I'll just write the examples for why it's ability is broken.

When Grampo...