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Hey guys, I am making a 4- man team and need some suggestion what my fourth character should be. At the moment I have a int/str feca, cha cra, and an int eni. I am looking right now at a agility sacrier or maybe a enu not sure please leave you're opinions on here. Thanks and happy gaming!
By Hot-Lady - 2012-11-12 15:36:24 in Feca
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I can take earth sram easy, but agi srams all they do is poison me out and go invis and I can't counter..any suggestions?
By Hot-Lady - 2012-10-29 08:08:50 in Cra
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Hey guys, I have a level 56 cra and am about to reset. My question to you all is what the best pvp path is too take for this character? This account is fully scrolled which costed a lot so I want to know the best characteristic to put my points into.