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Faleera Sadida Lvl 105 Remington
Quiyra Ouginak Lvl 50 Remington
Vechetti Enutrof Lvl 50 Remington
Lyine Ecaflip Lvl 46 Remington
Yiany Osamodas Lvl 33 Remington

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By Hoovyes - 2019-09-24 18:59:24 in Cra
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I'm noticing some people mad about the Cra changes
But since I'm kinda of a new player I don't know what is suposed to focus now

And please don't come with : Guide of how to play Cra, create another class

12 780
As a 'new player' in Wakfu ( played old dofus my entire childhood ) I'm now lvl 70 so I decided to do the Thork dungeon
I easly killed everything except him, and I noticed his passive, tried to outdamage the heals, wasnt working,
I AFK mid fight to find a solution, I read 3 different topics here about you needing to stop on top of his totems, green ones to be more expecific, I waited for him to summon, stepped in one, ended turn, totem broke, nothing happened. I forced a summon running at the edges,...