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Ive been playing a lot of kolo lately and ive found a bug when i have srams on the enemy team. Whenever they go invisible their actions stop showing in the chat, so i dont know what kind of traps they are using. I know this is a bug cause you can see them in the pc version. You cant even see where they cast it from sometimes (that doesnt happen as often tough).


He estado jugando bastante koliseo ultimamente y encontre un bug cuando tengo srams en e equipo enemigo. En el momento que...
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Hi everyone,

Im doing the main quests at the moment. I have played dofus before in PC so i somewhat know how the quests order go. I wanted to get the "Chunderbirds Are Go!" and the "Foam Dungeon" quests from astrub, that then keeps on going so that between that quest line and "Trip Around the World" questline you do every pre frigost dungeon. The problem is after doing the "Igor Ant, Mercenary Chief" quests "Ross Strich" doesnt give me the quest. Is this a bug or am I missing any quest?