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I seriously have no idea who to agress. Im Brakmarian and I see white wings everywhere that are the same. I dont even know if they are my level or if I can attack them.

I did fight somebody with the same level as I was. I checked his wings and they were white and bright. The same as a level 100 person that went by after the battle.

In my opinion I say they should make them brighter so that you know not to agress them. I dont know if they are higher level. I need to ask or just wait till they...
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PVP'ers and PVMers! Come to my Merchant and buy yourselfs potions and other items.

Mainly Selling Potions that give Energy and Life. Get them while they are still there.

Energy potion that gives 500-1000 cheaper then markets. For those PVPers that love to lose Energy. (-.o)

Merchange is at Goblin Dungeon Entrance
Area: Tainela ( Cradle)
Just comming in Gob Dung.

Thanks for comming guys!

Ps: Also other items sold there.

*edit: had change location*