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Cra Lvl Omega 86 Echo
Masqueraider Lvl 132 Ilyzaelle
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Activity on the dofus Forum

By Hokate - 2008-03-13 14:39:04 in General Discussion
10 5471
People who are registered on Impsvillage already know about it, but I'm sure that lot of users of this forums don't visit Impsvillage, so I wanted you to know that:

I've finished final version of Dofus Set Creator v1.1

(I haven't posted about DSC here before, because it was in beta version for long time)

Dofus Set Creator is browser-based tool, which allows you to create character, enter his/her base stats, find all parts of equipment (using powerful items finder), equip set you created this way...
By Hokate - 2006-08-07 20:44:38 in Problems and solutions
5 1042
I'm feeding my noomon with glukoko petals and it stop gaining stats... I have feed it like 5 times in a row without any stats gained. What is wrong?