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Rip David Bowie Cra Lvl 125 Remington
Gavrilo Princip Sram Lvl 32 Remington
Purple And Brown Sacrier Lvl 15 Remington
Ingelri Iop Lvl 15 Remington
Rgatysl Xelor Lvl 12 Remington
Bloody Baroness Eniripsa Lvl 9 Remington
Claude Duval Rogue Lvl 9 Remington
Attenborough Osamodas Lvl 9 Remington

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I'm having trouble with the Amybia, even though i took care of ALL the other enemies, i, for some random reason, could not even target it for an attack, is this some glitch? Am i doomed to never complete the quest??
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Are you guys still an active guild? I would really like to join, help people out, and level
IGN: Rip David Bowie (i'm not trying to make fun of him, his death was really sad, and it was the first name that came to mind)