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So, I've messed around with the Foggernaught now for a day or so, and I've reached my conclusions over the class. NOTE: for the sake of ease, i will be comparing lvl 6 versions of the spells only, because there is a screenshot around so that people can see them.

To begin with, a few general outlines before specific breakdowns.

Spell Ranges - This is possibly the Foggernaught biggest drawback. most of their spells are diagonal only, especially at lower levels. To name one dungeon where this is a...
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It is a bad day when a user has to contact support, because that means something has gone wrong.

Well, Today my subscription went wrong. While browsing the relevant FAQ section on the website, I spotted something that confused me.

How DO you contact support?

" If you could not solve your problem, do not hesitate to contact us.Send a message"
That little message at the bottom correct?

Well, Let me give you a few Scenarios.

Your payment type come up with an error, because you have subscribed too...