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Frieth Eniripsa Lvl 86 Rubilax
Mihova Iop Lvl 64 Rubilax
Sylvarra Sadida Lvl 50 Rubilax
Nox Mortis Rogue Lvl 48 Rubilax
Valeria Treebreeze Cra Lvl 46 Rubilax

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I'm just glad the devs made a statement about the botting. There will always be automated gameplay, but just the same people will eventually get caught. Discouraging it right away will keep it from becoming a bigger problem. No game is perfect but at least this is the right step.
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I'll try it out. Thanks for the tip. It may save my life.
By Dollsarefoxy - 2012-03-29 18:17:39 in Eniripsa
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I wanted to heal and I still can, but of course I'm upset when a mechanic that I thought was my niche (healing nullification and up to 6 turns of damage instead of healing) goes out the window under the radar if I fighting someone that's actually difficult to kill instead of goofy trash.