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So, I went to test the sacriers and I paid two accounts through billets, which is common to do in Brazil and never was a problem to me. To make my life easier I used the same e-mail on the billet, which was not a problem, the company handling this for Ankama,astropay sent me an e-mail on both this account's e-mail as the e-mail I used. So far so good.

24 hours later, I get the confirmation of payment from the company on all the accounts, but ankama had only confirmed one, because on their database...
By Hikoori - 2016-12-11 05:43:07 in Osamodas
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Agility soft caps on osas aren't great, I'm guiding my friend that is coming back to dofus with one and I'm wondering if it is worth to put it all in even so. If not, what is the right way?
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So... I came back to test the sacriers and I have around 320 almanax pages. But I noticed something weird for the last few days, I went to the almanax, I got the quest, and then... all the steps were completed and I was just stuck with them.

I did see some comments here somewhere where you had to pick the exact day you didn't go to, but I don't recall this being the case before, as I recall cycling a year once and getting the same quest, as the item after a year was WAY more cheaper than the other...