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By Hhilujmnie - 2014-10-04 21:37:28 in Feca
1 2449
My feca is Tank/Support,
I dont know how to spend major points,
I put into MP and AP, now third point left,

Any ideas?

I was thinking about 10% final resistance, but not sure is best.
By Hhilujmnie - 2014-09-18 12:43:59 in General Discussions
2 3983
I got stuck on this quest, probably bugged but I am not sure.

Click here's_Kingdom/Main_Quest_Line

I did step:
-The Whispering Island
- Crackformers
-Command and Whisper
-Crackwreck Run

And now should be:
- Freedom Whispers

I am in Dungeon, at these whisperers, but cant click on them.

My quest log shows me another step, which I finished. I tried to do it again but only it gives me next and next quest item, without changes in quest log.

Please Help me.
By Hhilujmnie - 2014-09-15 20:09:10 in General Discussions
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I have problem with reconnecting in combat. Always after reconnect my range is reduced to minimum, and my specialities are reduced to minimum too.

For example Mine Mover range is 2 grids. Summon Drheller is 1 Grid.

Anyone have this same problem? Any tips how to fix it?