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Member since 2006-11-03


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-07-01


Eliotrope Lvl Omega 10 Ilyzaelle
Pandawa Lvl Omega 9 Temporis II
English Souls
Cra Lvl 190 Echo
Cra Lvl 155 Ilyzaelle
Xelor Lvl 115 Echo
Osamodas Lvl 43 Echo
Pandawa Lvl 32 Ilyzaelle

Activity on the dofus Forum

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I'm fighting treasure chests as a cra, when I have spell preview on and hover over the chest with Absorptive Arrow, the spell preview doesn't show. Furthermore all the animations stop working, my AP/MP bars do not update, my HP does not update (until I end my turn). Any movement by all characters after this point does not trigger at all. Instead, characters instantly teleport to the cell they move to at the end of the turn. 

All subsequent fights, even without reflect damage monsters or life steal...
2 829
I just submitted a ticket regarding stolen items, providing my account name, attaching a scan of my photo ID, and stating that I've changed my email to an email that was quite literally just created in order to ensure security.

After five days with no reply, I finally get an answer telling me to "confirm the name of the account in question," as well as "please register using an email that has never been linked to an Ankama account before," and "please include a scan of your ID with your reply."

0 219
I submitted a ticket not too long ago saying that I needed to recover my secret question and answer; I didn't realize until later that I needed some sort of identification for proof. I found the necessary ID and sent it in as a reply to my own ticket, but just recently I suddenly remembered the answer to my secret question. I went back to the ticket to reply and request a closure of it, but it says I can no longer reply to it.

How should I proceed?