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Weirwoods Sadida Lvl 102 Nox
Enufstuf Enutrof Lvl 77 Nox
Pandora The Explorer Pandawa Lvl 73 Nox
Chronodemus Xelor Lvl 35 Nox
Bowdemus Cra Lvl 14 Nox

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By HerioMortis - 2016-07-16 00:33:19 in Guilds
1 662
The Commonly Insane is looking for new recruits to join our guild. We're a very active group of like minded individuals who work together to do dungeons and help people level and farm materials. We have a level 100 handyman. We will soon have high level mining and lumberjack. We are trying to recruit new people to the guild so we can work together to obtain a haven world.
You can Message me in game on Nox server, or you can message the guild leader and/or the other officer. One of us is sure...
By HerioMortis - 2016-07-13 21:56:19 in Trade
1 667
Title says it all looking to sell it, or trade for sadida emblem.

asking 50k obo
By HerioMortis - 2016-07-13 20:52:41 in Crafting
1 1369
So I'm trying to find chefish my friends tell me you get it randomly from fishing but on the fishing log journal it says it drops from salamander nodes which requires level 0 is this an error or...? if its not where can i find these nodes?