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Member since 2014-01-16


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-08-18


Herex Eniripsa Lvl 193 Phaeris
Zerune Masqueraider Lvl 132 Phaeris
Xerunex Huppermage Lvl 120 Phaeris
Xerunexii Huppermage Lvl 102 Phaeris

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Not sure is just my eyes problem or text typo?
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Greetings, I really dont understand the logic behind it. The ecosystem currently is very dead !
It restrain each zone with only little certain resources able to plant only. Example, in the past Emelka, Amakna can let you plant around 7- type of herbalist plant, but now only limit to Edelweiss which is no make sense all the area only can plant a single tyoe of plant :|

I use to love the open area free botanical garden that let you have plant in free style, like in Shhhhhudoku island which is a nice...
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Greetings, the current Token Machine missing the material for chief cook the food from Mercenary Post recipe?

Royal Rind (Gobball Pastures Machine)
Royal tofu Gizzard (Tofuhouse Machine)
Lucky Red Tuft (GrandBowMeow House)

Any idea about eo get the specific material to exchange now?