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Ankama, I am getting pretty pissed off with this whole situation you have created with your website and buying things.

It is impossible to subscribe to your stupid ass game when you continually have "fraud" checks on every single payment method. You reject paypal which works on every commercial website I use it on but for Dofus subscription?? No can't use that.

I then use my creditcard, it successfully subscribes one account.... but ankama I have 4 accounts and I am going to use the same card to...
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I am sorry to say this but how can this many people have problems paying for a game? I have never seen so many requests telling a company "I want to pay for your game but all of my payment methods are declined".

Seriously 1 week I have waited to make a purchase.... and this forum is full of people who are having their payments declined. Now seriously I am paying for loads of different things with paypal and my debit card and if there was a problem they would sort it out over the phone in about 5minutes.

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Well I tried to make an ogrine purchase but ankama said that my paypal wasnt working and to send a ticket... but the link they include on the error message doesn't even launch properly!

So I decided to use my card details instead of my paypal because I just wanted to get it done. I went through the Visa secure check with the correct details.... then it said error with payment. I then tried a different browser and it then just said payment error and you are now locked for 24 hours.....

I am sorry...