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Roxie Hubrecut Iop Lvl 94 Nox
Aeon Samson Eliotrope Lvl 92 Nox
Minette Jiju Enutrof Lvl 63 Nox
Baozhai Thorani Sram Lvl 38 Remington
Ileum Hive Masqueraider Lvl 12 Remington
Marie Regina Osamodas Lvl 7 Nox
Sunnie Vale Foggernaut Lvl 6 Remington

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You see we can only hold x amount of spells at x level. But when you pass the level of your spells you lose out on spell exp.
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First time making an actual guide for Wakfu. If you have any Suggestions, leave it down below..

I'm Amoretta Blan, I play on the Asia server and as of writing this guide I'm level 170. The reason why I wanted to write this guide is because a lot of new members are turned away from the game because of how difficult it seems. I restarted on Nox and I was able to get to level 100 in a week(Which was actually just 5 days), So I decided why not write a guide.

First and foremost, even...
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Was the title implies. Would you like it? I'll tired right now, but I'll post my opinion later