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Yan Lanshi Pandawa Lvl 189 Remington
Leliani Nuna Rogue Lvl 189 Remington
Roxie Hubrecutt Sadida Lvl 189 Remington
Amoretta Blan Iop Lvl 176 Phaeris
Aeon Samsons Sacrier Lvl 176 Remington
Roxie Hubrecut Pandawa Lvl 159 Phaeris
Alice Fortune Ecaflip Lvl 159 Phaeris
Eun Fidelier Sram Lvl 122 Phaeris
Umbrella Andy Osamodas Lvl 79 Phaeris
Herameva Huppermage Lvl 6 Remington

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This will be more of an open discussion by the end but first let me state my opinion. As the title suggest I'm talking about post revamp Rogue.

Before I start ranting. let me say I'm not impressed by the result and I kind of expected it after playing rogue in it's early stages.

​​​​​​I wasn't quite too fond of the design of the class after the revamp as it didn't quite fit the meta that the game had in the first place. Which ended up being my main problem with the class I have currently....