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The Black Rabbit Eliotrope Lvl 188 Rubilax
Sourdough Feca Lvl 185 Rubilax
Businesswoman Enutrof Lvl 139 Rubilax
NOX-Yess Masqueraider Lvl 71 Rubilax
Fragrant Huppermage Lvl 54 Rubilax
Braille Pandawa Lvl 47 Rubilax
NOX-Myopic Cra Lvl 36 Rubilax
REM-Tough Love Sacrier Lvl 23 Rubilax
Cereal And Milk Ecaflip Lvl 15 Rubilax
REM-Kerellya Eniripsa Lvl 4 Rubilax
Kerellya Eniripsa Lvl 1 Rubilax
REM-Sourdough Feca Lvl 1 Rubilax
REM-Braille Pandawa Lvl 1 Rubilax
REM-Bloodpaw Osamodas Lvl 1 Rubilax

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By HealingHotness - 2017-01-14 06:25:06 in Suggestions
3 945
Still no option? Srsly Ankama.
By HealingHotness - 2016-12-02 06:56:02 in General Discussions
3 1217
And just when I thought Ankama might behave, they make you have to level new characters against bullcrap enemies like this Bellaphone ripoff that's 1000x more BS than a Bellaphone, and just uses the old Scythescraper sprite, that makes copies of you that do like 5 your own toons' damages and take almost no damages. Also, YOU CANT EVEN KILL THE SUMMONER UNTIL YOUVE DIED TO MISERABLY KILLED THE "COPIES". How unoriginal. Way to once again make new players not want to play due to low level content being...
2 1240
Can it be used to do so?