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Feca Lvl Omega 23 Echo
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I want to start out by saying I am a little bit confused and hope this is the proper place to post this.  I was starting the DRWT and entered the Gobball dungeon (something officially known as the Royal Gobball's Court, I think?). I had problems starting the DRWT and all the text of the quest remains in French.  I am wondering if correcting the text requires a maintenance reboot before correcting or if this is something of a "hotfix" that can be pushed out?
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I know that this company limits the emotes and consumables to specific programs of marketing strategies that you can only obtain some things a specific way at a specific time. It will be my birthday in about a month and my main is the Feca and I have been loving this class since I started playing Dofus. How and where can I get the Feca class emote?
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I have tried to find out how to get help for the players in game to help with a couple of events that are coming up. One is the Vulkanian Slabs that open the passages to Grozilla / Grasmera. In the past years Izmar was active on a server that she was invited to and with the help of a couple of MODs to organize the players to get the proper things / stats and such to open the slabs. Now that Izmar has been on indefinite leave who will help us with such an organized event? I have tried to reach...