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By HeLmZ - 2021-05-13 08:09:08 in General Discussion
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I was wondering if anyone still frequents the dozens of pinned threads that are found throughout the forums. Besides the General Discussion, it seems that every othersubforum has pinned threads that are outdated. 

I myself created a rather extensive Sram guide many years back, and it is still pinned. All information in that guide is not just outdated, many concepts have been changed to a degree that a newcomer wouldn't make any sense of it. 
To me, the pinned threads create a sense of ghost...
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I'm stuck at the part of Journey to the Centre of the Wabbit, where I need to other people who have either done it or are at the same step in the quest.

Let me know if you're interested in doing the quest or helping out.

IGN: Cwabbit
By HeLmZ - 2014-08-19 10:02:58 in General Discussion
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Hey everyone.
Summer is over and university is starting.
i have decided to stop playing and give away all my stuff, so I won't slip right back into Dofus.

I want to make a big event with different competitions and I need your help to come up with some ideas :-)

So far Ive been thinking about making a race ; who gets first from X to Y. I also want to make a hide and seek game and giving hints out on /a.

do you have any ideas?