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By HeLmZ - 2014-08-19 10:02:58 in General Discussion
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Hey everyone.
Summer is over and university is starting.
i have decided to stop playing and give away all my stuff, so I won't slip right back into Dofus.

I want to make a big event with different competitions and I need your help to come up with some ideas :-)

So far Ive been thinking about making a race ; who gets first from X to Y. I also want to make a hide and seek game and giving hints out on /a.

do you have any ideas?
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When using the 'Advanced Transfers' in a bank to transfer all visible, all existing or all items to bank from inventory or visa versa, it would be really nice to lock an item so it would not be transferred.
So annyoing to find that you've forgotten to put Signature Runes, Eniripsa Powders, Lockpicks etc. back into your equipment.
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Hey there!

I don't know if I'm the only one being annoyed by this, but as you may well know, every time you energy reaches 0, you transform into a gravestone and can choose to either sit and do nothing or free your soul.

I know a few years ago, when alignments were the big thing, you could specialize in a priest-like thing, and use Phoenix potions to revive tombstones. Now that it is no longer possible, please either remove the gravestones entirely or make an option to automatically free your soul...