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Please tell me this new kama revamp is not scaring you. Sure, this seems like it'll be a depression or impact the game NEGATIVELY.

However, if you look at it in a wider perspective, this is exactly what the game needs. This patch will close the gap between the dirt poor and the 1% rich.

Everyone will ave kamas, everyone will be able to buy the items they need, the rich get richer, the poor gets richer.

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They're tradable, they're in demand SO much, and it's new.

If you want to make a quick 10-30kk, buy some Frigost Insignias and set selling them.

And if you're on Nox, put them on the marketplace so you can TAKE MY MONEY.
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This may be way, way overdue. However, better late than never.

Remmington people might remember me from Closed Beta as Kaseo, the very first support Xelor. The one who got Devotion nerfed to the ground. Others might remember me in Open Beta as Raseo, the governor of Brakmar who somehow took Calamari on his own as an Air Ecaflip.

In Closed Beta and Open Beta my name was Hooks on Nox. I was one of the first pioneers of the Sadida "Explodoll" build, however Sabotage predated me. I should know, I stole...