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Hi, I'm Sram (195) playing at Solar and ofc I scrolled ALL my stats to 101. There are many ppl to prove it as I posted my stats like 135315 times to guild chat / to friends. I had a long brake as i was in the military service. Now i came back to my beloved Dofus and noticed that my int/cha wasn't 101 anymore, it was 86 now?!?! I wouldn't rly care of it was 87 or something cus' then i just could get few scrolls and scroll it back, but with 86 i can't get it to 101 anymore and use bzerk bwork daggers...
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I asked butcher to kill my nomoon and when he did so, the "effect-tab" went totally blank. There's not a single word in there. I already asked around and my maties told me that this was a bug of some kind. I made a bug report and posted a reply to Contact an In-Game Mod. I'm not rly happy about this fact that my nomoon lost all it's prospecting. So I post this thread here to ask what do u ppl think about this?