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I miss everyone from back in the day...
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Trying to level up (solo player) and since I'm trying to adjust to the "new" system of amakna and astrub being the "low level areas", I'm seeing that the bonta controlled areas are turning the mobs in the area into outlawed attacks.

Is this supposed to happen with all stolen regions or is it specifically the angels doing it right now to be inconvenient?
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Not sure where to post this, but uh, is there a gameplan about how to go about beating this place when you're playing solo (not by choice)?

I ended up just sustained by his constant chafer summons after both the computer and my sidekick dropped due to Khan's damage output and my inability to score more than once because of the passers. Is this meant to be played in an actual group or something or is it just harder to play it as a huppermage?