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I and my friend were playing in Oto Mustam server. He got aggroed by a player and i could not join him. No errors, massages, notices or whatever were written.
Same happened several times, and not even once could i join any pvp fight (Nor my friend).

We were both neutral, without any guild.
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Brand new Lithuanian guild (and the only one Lithuanian at the moment in this server) is recruiting new members.

Guild Statistics
Guild Name : Mes
Guild Leader: Konteineris (184 xelor)
Second In Command: Infinitum
Guild Level: 21
Houses/Paddocks: 0 (We can't buy paddocks just yet cause our guild is totally new and about the guild houses - we are planing to buy a few profession houses in near future)
Members: 38
Guild website: Click here
Rank system: Is shown in the guild website.