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Iop Lvl Omega 5 Echo
Xelor Lvl 131 Echo
Xelor Lvl 45 Temporis I
Xelor Lvl 28 Temporis I

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By Hasai - 2017-09-13 02:11:30 in Osamodas
2 1039
I want to kolo on my 161 Osa and I have a soft oak set ready to be used, but it doesn't offer any plus summons. I saw there's a staff "The Hagogue Root" which gives a lot of plus summons. How many plus summons do I need really?
By Hasai - 2012-11-28 03:55:17 in Rushu
0 566
I thought about possibly playing again, but I was not sure about the population issues. When I left the game's population dropped quite a bit from 1.29 to 2.0 where I came back. It seemed to continue to dwindle after on shika so I left to Rushu. It was a bit better, but I noticed population changes here too. Now I've been inactive for.. god. A year maybe. Hows the population doing? Hows frig runs/Kolo queues/rank pvping? I know its during the school year so it won't be super high but is it worth...
By Hasai - 2012-05-03 02:09:06 in Feca
2 1174
SO set is coming up for me and I feel like thats a great set to hybridize with going int/str, what do you guys think is the best weapon to use that sets damage with backlash's steals, will more than likely scroll str? But the issue I am facing is endgame int/str sets... There arent any? Its like all random pieces so is this hybrid even worth it? Or should I go int/cha? Since there are more endgame options? Any good weapons in the 130-199 range for that? I know there are some good int/str endgame...