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Oh btw, I have the url to my transaction, so don't try screwing me. =_= I'll use it in the court of law. tyvm
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I don't see anything about a ticket, but I've been screwed, after using PayByCash, something finally shows up on my account and the freaking thing doesn't go through. Where's my money? Where's my subscription? omfg I'm pissed.
57 3894
Yeah... Umm.... I tried to subscribe with credit card for a year on three of my accounts, first for my old one, and then for my current one, and neither worked. Theeeeeen I made a new account, and it didn't work either, even after waiting the 48 hours so I could freakin' use credit card. Can somebody tell me what's the problem? Cause' this is pretty annoying. I've played Dofus on and off for a year or two, and I finally wanna upgrade and I'm having stupid problems like this? Oi! Throw me a stick...