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Born To Cheat Ecaflip Lvl 54 Nox
Born To Hoard Enutrof Lvl 30 Nox
Born To Protect Feca Lvl 29 Nox
Born To Wait Xelor Lvl 8 Nox
Born To Fight Iop Lvl 5 Nox

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By HardOfHearing - 2016-05-16 01:12:58 in Guilds
2 991
Hi. I have a character called Born to Cheat and he's level 41 and I have two sidekicks and I am working on the mercenary posts' contracts. I have completed up through Turfo Canyon Mercenary. You'd have to be okay with a less active player, who might stop playing completely or almost completely August through May (except maybe Winter Break) for a very busy school schedule. I really am just looking for friends in the game, since none of my friends want to play with me, and I don't have or want to buy...
By HardOfHearing - 2016-05-12 16:49:44 in Introductions
2 1069
I'm Hard of Hearing. I have a character called Born to Cheat, and I guess that's it.