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Red-Cherrypepper Eliotrope Lvl 180 Remington
Red-Nagapepper Cra Lvl 177 Remington
Red-Paprikapepper Iop Lvl 133 Remington
Red-Chilipepper Ouginak Lvl 128 Remington
Red-Ghostpepper Osamodas Lvl 125 Remington
Cherry-Purple Huppermage Lvl 111 Remington
Cherry-Peper Ouginak Lvl 64 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By Harambea - 2020-08-06 23:59:57 in Trade
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Found a Super Growth Kibble (linked) randomly in my havenbag chest And I am not gonna use it any time soon.
So I am putting it up for sale.

Leave your bid in the comments or message me IG: Red-cherrypepper, Discord: Red-cherrypepper#3678
By Harambea - 2020-08-06 15:54:41 in Trade
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Hey folks,

I want to buy some costumes
- Echo
- Oropo

Leave a comment or hit me up IG: Red-Cherrypepper
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Hey guys It's me again. I am way to lazy to grind for all these items so I need your help.

I am looking for :
1 eternal tea
8 remington fragments
6 exquisite essence
30 exquisite fiber
3 chains
45 coagulated blood

leave a comment or hunt me down IG: Red-Cherrypepper, I'm usually online around 7-11pm CET