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The profession revamp removed the need for profession tools, yet maging a hunting rune onto a weapon is still risky. It should be either:

1. A 100% mage chance without any stats dropping from your weapon.

2. An expensive tool you only need to buy once that acts like a livitinem. You can apply and remove it from your weapon without any consequences.
By HamSupZhai - 2014-07-18 16:03:27 in Enutrof
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Ok. So it's pretty well known how useless Living Shovel usually is after it's first turn. I have a few ideas to fix the ridiculously stupid summon.

1. Living Shovel stays as it is except it lasts for 2 turns and dies automatically much like Living Bag dies.

2. On Living Shovel's first turn, it does a push. Every turn after it's first turn, it ONLY applies an -mp resistance debuff. The shovel lasts indefinitely until killed or re-summoned (similar to Living Chest).

3. After Living Shovel has been...
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Instead of having to click on the character on the timeline to display the buffs / debuffs, is it possible for the Adobe Air engine to display the buff / debuff bar when you click on the character on the battlefield?

This would be extremely helpful because when fighting several of the same monsters, it becomes a hassle. Say I want to attack a Retspan Pirate but there are 4 of them. I want to attack Retspan A but I need to check if it has the Spank buff. I have to mouse over each Retspan in the timeline...