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By Halek - 2020-06-15 23:58:27 in Bug Reports
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By Halek - 2020-06-11 15:01:22 in Suggestion Box
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Dear Ankama folks,

Thanks for the amazing update that is blessing us for a couple of days now. If you feel this sarcastic, I can't really help with that! 

I have a question, now that you decreased the drop rate of kokonuts from moon island down to 1.8% (100 pp), how do you think this will impact on the possibility to run a moon dungeon? Maybe you have alternative suggestions, because I don't really wish dropping kokonuts for an entire week just to have a change to run one single dungeon. But maybe...
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There have been large fluctuations in the cost of bonus pack during the past few weeks. As an example, 20 days ago the cost ranged around 290kk, last week was raised up to 420kk, while at the time of this post, the bonus pack reached 520kk per 30 days. 
Now, aside possible complains regarding such large fluctuations (and the fact that these felt right after the release of a major update who impacted heavily on the economy of the game), I would actually be keen in understanding which drivers,...