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Feca Lvl 101 Echo
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Feca Lvl 20 Echo

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My ingame name is Eyelids. Please message me/add me if you find one and are willing to sell.

[edit] Found it.
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Finished that tile puzzle thing due to the help of some nice people. Now, I'm one step away from getting the Cawwot Dofus and I only need help defeating Wa Wobot. It's far beyond my ability to fight. I tried soloing it and got it to about 3k hp before I died because bumpers are annoying.

My in-game name is Eyelids and I'm camped out in the Cawwot Dofus room.
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Pretty much what the thread title says. It's the last item I need to finish off my set.

If you have one you'd be willing to sell, I'd appreciate if you either respond here or PM me ingame on one of my character: Eyelids (my main), Eyelashes, Eyegouger, Eyesockets, or Eyebrows. Most likely, I'll be on Eyelids, although sometimes I dopple hunt on my other characters.

Thanks in advance.

[edit] Oops. Been awhile since I've used the forums and I forgot that there's a "Market of Zatoishwan" subforum....